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Two-dimensional scanning of silicon-based focal plane array with field-of-view splicing technology



Author(s): Cui, LL (Cui, Langlin); Wang, PF (Wang, Pengfei); Zhao, Q (Zhao, Qi); Ma, PF (Ma, Pengfei); Wang, Z (Wang, Zheng); Yu, L (Yu, Lei); Yang, YB (Yang, Yibo); Zhang, YJ (Zhang, Yejin); Pan, JQ (Pan, Jiaoqing)

Source: OPTICS EXPRESS Volume: 31 Issue: 2 Pages: 1464-1474 DOI: 10.1364/OE.480280 Published: JAN 16 2023

Abstract: All-solid-state beam scanning chip is ideal for next-generation LiDAR due to its reliability and small size. Here we propose a focal plane array chip for two-dimensional scanning using field-of-view splicing technology on silicon photonics platform. The chip has two rotationally symmetric structures, each including a 1 x 64 antenna array accompanied by a 1 x 64 micro-ring optical switch array. We demonstrate a two-dimensional scanning equivalent to an 8-line LiDAR with a field-of-view of 82 degrees x 32 degrees, a beam divergence angle of 0.07 degrees x 0.07 degrees, and a background suppression ratio of over 20 dB. Our chip works in such a simple way that only one optical switch needs to be turned on each time the beam is emitted. And the chip is scalable that a larger range of two-dimensional scanning can be achieved when using more antennas for field-of-view splicing and cascading more optical switches. (c) 2023 Optica Publishing Group under the terms of the Optica Open Access Publishing Agreement

Accession Number: WOS:000921618900055

ISSN: 1094-4087

Full Text: https://opg.optica.org/oe/fulltext.cfm?uri=oe-31-2-1464&id=524741


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