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Large-Area Flexible Thin Film Encapsulation with High Barrier and Super-Hydrophobic Property

Title: Large-Area Flexible Thin Film Encapsulation with High Barrier and Super-Hydrophobic Property

Author(s): Li, C (Li, Chao); Yue, SZ (Yue, Shizhong); Tian, W (Tian, Wang); Ye, YM (Ye, Yumin); Liu, J (Liu, Jun); Huang, YB (Huang, Yanbin); Huang, ZT (Huang, Zhitao); Wu, YL (Wu, Yulin); Sun, JQ (Sun, Jiaqian); Zhao, ZR (Zhao, Zeren); Dong, KQ (Dong, Keqian); Liu, K (Liu, Kong); Wang, ZJ (Wang, Zhijie); Qu, SC (Qu, Shengchun)

Source: ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES DOI: 10.1002/admi.202300172  Early Access Date: JUN 2023  

Abstract: With the development of optoelectronic devices toward miniaturization, flexibility, and large-scale integration, conventional submillimeter rigid encapsulation techniques rarely achieve conformational functionality while blocking water and oxygen. At the same time, the sensitivity of electronic devices with organic/metal/semiconductor components to humidity and oxygen severely impairs their operational stability and lifetime. Here, a nanometer to micrometer scale organic/inorganic hybrid thin film encapsulation (TFE) with the self-cleaning ability for flexible encapsulation is developed. The water vapor transmittance rate of polyethylene terephthalate substrate coated with the TFE is as low as 1.65 x 10(-4) g m(-2) day(-1), and the barrier improvement factor reaches 10(4) at 38 degrees C and 90% relative humidity. This value is equivalent to 9.81 x 10(-6) g m(-2) day(-1) at ambient conditions, sufficient to improve the lifetime of water-sensitive electronic devices. Meanwhile, this TFE shows a super-hydrophobic performance, with a water contact angle of 168.4 degrees. In addition, the resulting barrier films exhibit outstanding optical properties, with an average optical transmittance of 86.88% in the visible region. This versatile TFE can promote the development of optoelectronic devices toward miniaturization and large-scale integration in the future.

Accession Number: WOS:001000025000001

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Li, Chao  0000-0002-2155-2010

ISSN: 2196-7350


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